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Hammami group is a consituted of a conglomeration of entreprises and companies operationg in a variety of industry fields and located here and there in Tunisia. The group owes its very existense and success to the huge and fundamental work of the late Mahmoud hammami the founder of the group.his good will, devotion and the know-how were the pillars upon which the group was built and is still developing This heritage is carried by the sons of the late Mahmoud Hammami. Mr Habib, khaled, Hafedh and Khalil insure the continuation and prosperity of the group. The Hammami group is rich in experience, human resources and production means. These means are permanently renovated and ameliorated. Thus, the group aspire preformance and even excellence. The Group works in collaboration with Tunisian and foreign suppliers. It operates mainly in Tunisia, but it also exports its products to many countries on the African continent such as Libya, Senegal, Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, Mali, Morocco, Algeria, Liberia , Congo Brazzaville …… Hammami group also aims to cover new markets in neighboring countries like MOROCCO where it begins a subsidiary of SCPC – comptoir Hammami. Since the creation of the first group company in 1980, we now count 16 companies that we will present.
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Company of the Groupe

Since the creation of the first group company in 1980, we now count 16 companies that we will present.
  • matériaux de construction tunisie
  • revêtement sanitaire robinetterie
  • meuble de jardin tunisie
  • flamant décoration intérieur
  • carrelage hammami
  • sofap fabrication de poudre
  • sips plâtre industriel tunisie plâtre décoration tunisie
  • sit-hammammet
  • revêtement sanitaire robinetterie
  • Meules abrasives tunisie
  • Société Mixer Tunisie
  • Emballages Métalliques tunisie
  • nouvelle du commerce international
  • société de transport de marchandise Thyna
  • Société Tunisienne des Hydrauliants
  • Carrières Mestawa
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  • comptoir hammami materiaux de construction
  • ceram-square revêtement céramique articles sanitaires robinetterie
  • un jardin d’idées et d’inspirations
  • flamant Décoration d’Intérieur
  • carrelage hammami
  • Société de Fabrication de Poudre
  • Société Industrielle de Plâtre du Sud Plâtre El Ksour
  • sit-hammamet
  • société de distribution des matériaux de construction et d’articles
  • Société Tunisienne de Meules Abrasives
  • Société Mixer Tunisie
  • ems société des Emballages Métalliques
  • nci commerce international
  • sthl
  • Société des Carrières Mestawa