nci commerce international


NCI « New company of international trading »

Was created in 2003, is a subsidiary of Hammami group, very active in the African continent specialized in all the fields of activities especially in commercializing the products of the group all over the world.

 NCI is operating in different sectors such as civil work equipment and materials, industrial equipments and materials, environment protection equipments, chemicals products and safety equipments.

We respond to all our customers’ needs in the perfect time regard to our ability of facing any kind of requests and thinks to our experimented team we are not only supplying a simple product but we are making you enjoy a great service.

Who we are:

  • NCI is a trading company located in Sfax (Tunisia) at 4km away from industrial and commercial port operating in all fields of business activities especially in Civil work materials, Industrial materials, Oil & Gas and Safety.
  • NCI which is branch of HAMMAMI GROUP was founded in 2003 and since its creation the company succeeded in establishing good relationships with many local and international well known companies.
  • Our customers are our motivation and their needs are our top priority and they have propelled us to achieve our goal in becoming one of the best trading company

         We aim to achieve customer satisfaction through the provision of high quality services based on integrity, value creation, and highest standards.
         We are committed to fulfill our obligation and geared up to meet and exceed expectations of the clients in order to develop a sustainable and mutually beneficial long-term relationship.

  • We operate under the guidance of basic core:
  • We succeed through satisfied customers.
  • We deliver quality and excellence in all we do.
  • We value and empower our customers.
  • We value integrity and mutual trust.


  • Route de gabes km 4.5 – Sfax