Founded in 1999, SCPC « Société Commerciale des Produits Chimiques » is a subsidiary of Hammami Group known as a leader distributer of chemicals not only across Tunisia but also very active in the African market . SCPC is specialized in the marketing of a wide range of products covering a lot of industries such as paint, plastic, detergent, water and oil drilling industries.

SCPC provide several products such as titanium / solvents / pigments / nitrocellulose / colored quartz / CMC / caustic soda / soda ash / sodium bicarbonate / dispersant / zinc stearate / thickener / carbon black / flocculant / Acrylic Styrene / Zinc Oxide / defoamer / Anti-Skinning / Resin / driers / LABSA 96% / SLES 70% / dispersent and other products.

SCPC believe that service development and product quality are paramount in customer satisfaction.