Société de Fabrication de Poudre

SOFAP « powder manufacturing company». was Created in 1981, It is mainly specialized in the manufacturing of mineral fillers such as calcium carbonate powder, white chalk, coloring oxides and loads of oil drilling muds such as barite, bentonite and limestone and pellets for industry tiles and surfaces products such as powder coatings and special mortars
The SOFAP has a production capacity of approximately 250,000 tons per year and has finished products storage depots with a capacity of over 9,000 tons.
Since 2001, SOFAP has had its own quarry, located in the central massif of Tunisia in the Gabes region and extending over 2 acres with very large reserves of limestone of exceptional purity.
It exports mainly to Africa, namely Libya, Senegal, Guinea, Algeria, Ivory Coast, Mali, republic of Congo , Morocco and Cameroon.




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